Origin - Testimonials


"I was first referred to Susie via my occupational health department at work. I was off sick with stress and depression.

My first thought was I couldn't see how anyone could help by talking on the phone and my second thought was I had better go along with it to show willing to my employer.

How wrong I was. After the first call from Susie I felt as if someone understood me. She was so down to earth and reassuring. I had a phone call from Susie once a week and after week 3 I really looked forward to our chats, all my scepticism went, my paranoia thinking that she was on their side totally diminished. Susie was there for me. She helped me find the wood through the trees. Every time I came up with a negative Susie replaced it with a positive, Susie challenged and put forward alternative options.

I had been in the darkest place I had ever been but only after 3 weeks of speaking with Susie I could start to see the sun shining through my clouds. Speaking with Susie made me look at my life and helped me see what was wrong and then Susie gave me the confidence to change it. The biggest change for me was to leave a very secure job of 15 years and seek a new one which made me happy.

I achieved that because Susie made me believe in myself and was there with me every step of the way. Today I have never been happier, Susie is my Angel.


"I have worked alongside Susie Bennett for over 5 years.
Her professionalism and ability to engage any audience is inspiring.

She is solution focused, pragmatic and a positive thinker and I could always trust her integrity, knowing her actions to be congruent with a strong value base of getting the best outcome for both employee and employer."

Pippa Crouch
Director Occupational Health Solutions

I contacted Susie after I had been off work for some time after a series of hospital admissions, and I was struggling with my diet and low mood as a result.
I was finding it difficult to admit to myself just how much of a struggle everyday life was becoming, but I knew I needed to get some help.
Susie’s phone call came just at the right time.

I knew from the outset that we would get on and we quickly built up a great rapport.
Susie has a very natural ability of making you feel safe and I realised very early on that I would be able to put my trust in her.
We spoke about the issues surrounding my health and wellbeing and Susie spent some time sensitively probing into my background.

It felt as though she knew that something significant was lurking from my past, and before very long I disclosed an issue to her that I have rarely said out loud.
I wasn’t forced to disclose anything, it felt like the right thing to do, and now I know that it was.

We kept in touch by telephone on a weekly basis and I was feeling better each time we spoke.
Although Susie was looking after me remotely in a sense, I felt as though she was right there beside me and guiding me down the right path.
Susie was gently helping me to change the way I think about situations.
This in turn was helping me to change the way I react and behave.
It was all about trying to stop the negative thought cycles.

I was also encouraged to rest and look after ME without feeling guilty – this was a very welcome task!
That’s something we call ‘nurturing’ and I highly recommend it!
Thanks to Susie’s quick thinking and expertise, I am now under the care of a specialist team who are taking very good care of me.

I will always be so grateful to Susie for setting me on this path to recovery.
I can’t recommend her highly enough!